Happy Columbusday? (english)

Happy Columbus Day?!

On the 12th of October in many countries in the Americas and in Spain Columbus Day (Día de la Raza or [sic] / day of cultural encounter / day of discovery [sic]) is celebrated in memory of the „discovery“ of America. In various parades with flags, models of Santa María and costumes of Columbus the „discovery“ of the „New World“ is romanticized forgetting the fatal consequences of the „voyage,“ the enslavement of two continents, the extermination of indigenous peoples by diseases and weapons, the exploitation of wealth and so on. There are omitted precisely those parts of his “journey” that structure our world today. We want to break with this tradition of forgetting and romanticizing. Instead, we join the festivities of the countries Bolivia (Día de la Descolonización), Nicaragua and Venezuela (Día de la Resistencia Indígena).

To this end, we will present two films dealing with indigenous and anticolonial struggles. On the one hand the impressive images of the films are expected to influence the spectators. On the other hand we want to draw attention to our cooperation with the Frankfurt University Cinema Pupille. On the 02.11.2015 at 20:15, the films „Schwarzfahrer“ and „Concerning Violence“ will be shown. As a guest Johanna Leinius, employee of the FRCPS and friend of the IfpS, will discuss about decolonization. http://pupille.org/termin.php?tnr=87

Finally, we want to present a part of a text by Eduardo Galeano (Open Veins of Latin America, 2002, p.96) pointing out the disastrous consequences of Columbus‘ plucky voyage:

„The past? Four hundred years after the papal bull, in September 1957, the highest court in Paraguay published a notice informing all the judges of the country that „the Indians, like other inhabitants of the republic, are human beings.“ And the Center for Anthropological Studies of the Catholic University of Asuncion later carried out a revealing survey, both in the capital and in the countryside: eight out of ten Paraguayans think that „Indians are animals“.“



The Institute for postcolonial studies Frankfurt am Main invites you to anticolonial cinema:

„Schwarzfahrer“ (Regie: Pepe Danquart)
„Concerning Violence“ (Regie: Göran Hugo Olsson)


Pupille – Kino in der Uni
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